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Caroline Blackwood began writing, or at least publishing, relatively late in a life which had hitherto seemed more that of a muse than of an author. Her novels and short stories tend to draw on painful family or other real-life histories. She also published non-fiction on several topics, including a cookery book.
16 July 1931 Lady Caroline Maureen Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood (who later published as 'Caroline Blackwood') was born at Clandeboye, the grand family estate in Northern Ireland, the eldest of three children. Bibliographic Citation link.
1984 CB published her fourth and final novel, Corrigan, by some regarded as her most optimistic and subtle fiction (though ODNB thinks it weak). Bibliographic Citation link.
7 April 1995 CB's The Last of the Duchess, an account of the final years of the Duchess of Windsor written in 1980, appeared in print after one of its subjects, Maitre Suzanne Blum, the duchess's lawyer, had died. Bibliographic Citation link.
14 February 1996 CB died in New York of cervical cancer, which had metastasized after an earlier occurrence and unsuccessful treatment. Bibliographic Citation link.
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