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Stella Benson's fiction and travel-writing, and also her poetry and diaries, are rich in visual impact and imaginative oddity. She is an acute observer of material and emotional reality of the earlier twentieth century, into which she regularly introduces an element of the fantastical. Though a serious political activist (about suffrage and prostitution), she is a very funny writer. She has no truck with what she calls the English "craving for cold moderation in words." Bibliographic Citation link.
6 January 1892 SB was born at Lutwyche Hall, in Easthope, Shropshire, an Elizabethan mansion that had been in the Benson family for more than a hundred years. Bibliographic Citation link.
1899 SB began contributing to the children's pages of the journal St Nicholas. Bibliographic Citation link.
Before March 1931 SB's last novel (already published in the United States in 1930 as The Far-Away Bride) appeared in England with the title Tobit Transplanted. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
6 December 1933 SB died of heart failure at Hongay in China. Bibliographic Citation link.
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