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Patricia Beer was a poet who also published, during the later twentieth century, autobiography, two novels (also autobiographical in scope), literary criticism, reviews, and topographical writing. Her collected essays and one of her novels appeared posthumously.
4 November 1919 PB was born at the seaport of Exmouth in Devon, the second daughter in her family and only fourteen months younger than her sister. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
1 December 1974 PB's Reader, I Married Him: A Study of the Women Characters of Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, Elizabeth Gaskell, and George Eliot was a harbinger of serious critical interest in the women's literary tradition. Bibliographic Citation link.
10 July 1999 PB sent to the London Review of Books a poem entitled "Where'er You Walk", which is probably the last she wrote. Bibliographic Citation link.
15 August 1999 PB died; after this it was discovered that she was five years older than she had publicly let on. Bibliographic Citation link.
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