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Amelia Beauclerc's half-dozen novels, all published within a decade of the early nineteenth century and of oddly varying quality, centre on the theme of bad parenting. Many include travel and several touch the fringes of the French Revolution. They are heavily, sometimes punitively, didactic; their satiric butts include both learned women and unmarried women, as well as inadequate fathers and patriarchs. They are rich in individually riveting scenes and in the questioning of gender assumptions.
Nothing is known of the date or place of AB's birth: it was presumably well before 1790.
By March 1820 AB published her last known work, Disorder and Order. A Novel, in three volumes with Minerva, with her name and list of four previous titles. Bibliographic Citation link.
The date and circumstances of her death are unknown; it might have happened at any time after her final publication of March 1820.
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