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Agnes Beaumont left a single text, an autobiographical account of her struggles with her father over her right to choose her own religious sect and of the accusations levelled against her after his sudden death, because their quarrel was known. Blending the record of spiritual life with dramatic outside events is not unusual in the writings from the radical sects: the unusual element here is that the persecutor is Agnes Beaumont's father, representing family authority rather than church or state authority.
1 September 1652 AB was born at Edworth in Bedfordshire (three miles from Biggleswade). She was the youngest of her family.  Bibliographic Citation link.
Probably 1674 AB wrote out the story of her father's persecution of her for forming her own religious belief and allegiance, now in print as The Narrative of the Persecutions of Agnes Beaumont. Bibliographic Citation link.
28 November 1720 Agnes Story (formerly AB) died at Highgate near London. Bibliographic Citation link.
1760 AB's Narrative first reached print, in An Abstract of the Gracious Dealings of God with Several Eminent Christians in their Conversions and Sufferings, in which subsidiary texts were attached to a chief text by Samuel James. Bibliographic Citation link.
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