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An American expatriate in Paris, Sylvia Beach played a key role in the emergence of literary modernism. She wrote important translations of landmark works of modernist literature, edited a collection of critical reviews and a retrospective anthology, and wrote a memoir about her life as the owner of the Paris bookshop Shakespeare and Company. Before becoming a bookseller, she had aspirations of becoming a war journalist, but only one of her essays was published.
14 March 1887 Nancy Woodbridge Beach (later SB) was born in Baltimore, Maryland, the middle daughter of three. Bibliographic Citation link.
Later 1916 While in Spain (where she lived during 1914-16), SB wrote and tried to publish in the United States an essay called "Spanish Feminism in 1916". She was unsuccessful in placing it. Bibliographic Citation link.
6 October 1962 SB was found dead from a heart attack in her apartment in Paris. Bibliographic Citation link.
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