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Marie-Catherine d' Aulnoy, novelist or historical romance-writer, travel-writer, author of fairy tales and scandal fictions, was highly influential in each of these roles in England in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century, as well as her native France. She belonged in the popular tradition, as is shown by the constant reshuffling of her writings, complete or in part, sometimes spliced with the writings of others. Where no copies of a particular printing survive, they were probably read to pieces. New translations in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century show her continuing importance to women writing in English.
1651 Marie-Catherine Lejumel de Barneville (later MCA) was born at the Norman manor of Barneville in the canton of Honfleur in France. Bibliographic Citation link.
1691 Two works by MCA were published in London in English translation: The History of Adolphus, Prince of Russia; and the Princess of Happiness, and The Ingenious and Diverting Letters of the Lady — Travels into Spain. Bibliographic Citation link.
14 January 1705 MCA died at her house in Paris, in her mid fifties. Bibliographic Citation link.
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