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W. H. Auden has been called the outstanding poet of his generation. His prolific output of poetry is endlessly versatile, often deeply personal but usually also carrying political freight, often experimental, combining the classical and the colloquial, the lyric and the deliberately prosaic. He wrote a great deal in collaboration, often for stage or even operatic performance. He was a riveting lecturer and an unsystematic but always stimulating literary critic.
21 February 1907 Wystan Hugh Auden, British (later American) poet, was born in York, England, the youngest of three brothers. Bibliographic Citation link.
March 1922 As he later related in Letters from Iceland, the schoolboy WHA, asked by a friend in the course of an argument whether he wrote poetry, decided at once that he would do so. Bibliographic Citation link.
7 February 1940 WHA published Another Time, a volume which contained many of his best-known poems, including "On the Death of W. B. Yeats", "Musée des Beaux Arts", and "Lullaby". Bibliographic Citation link.
During the night of 28-9 September 1973 WHA, British-American poet, died at the Altenburgerhof Hotel in Vienna, Austria; his heart failed. Bibliographic Citation link.
1974 WHA's Thank You, Fog: Last Poems was posthumously published with the dedication he had already given it to Michael and Marny Yates. Bibliographic Citation link.
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