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Beginning in the later twentieth century, Anna Livia has written, compiled, and translated short stories and novels, as well as social and literary criticism and theory. In her fiction and non-fiction she is concerned with the practical and material concerns of contemporary women and the sometimes more abstract ways in which linguistics and cultural institutions shape female (especially lesbian) identity and experience. Anna Livia has stated that "My radical feminist and lesbian politics informs everything I write. I write to change the world." Bibliographic Citation link.
13 November 1955 Anna Livia was born in Dublin, as Anna Livia Julian Brawn. Bibliographic Citation link.
1 March 1988 Anna Livia published a work of feminist science fiction, Bulldozer Rising. Bibliographic Citation link.
6 August 2007 Anna Livia, who was in the midst of a summer teaching appointment at the University of California, Berkeley, died unexpectedly in her sleep at the age of fifty-one. Bibliographic Citation link.
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