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Jane Anger may have been an actual woman; or the text that was published in this name in 1589 may have been written by a man. There is no doubt of the interest and value of the feminist polemic (in verse as well as prose) which bears 'her' name. It is a contribution to the querelle des femmes ('debate about women') which for generations pitted attacks on women with defences of them. Women were a favourite topic for academic disputation; sometimes the same polemicist would argue on each side in turn.
JA's birth date is unknown. It might be surmised from her text that she was no longer a young woman, and therefore was likely born some time during the 1550s.
1589 There was published a satirical seventeen-page feminist polemic, printed in black-letter: Jane Anger her Protection for Women. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
JA presumably died after the date of her publication, though there is no evidence about how long she lived.
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