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Laurence Alma-Tadema wrote in many genres during the late nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries. She contributed to various periodicals (including The Yellow Book) and published her own collections of stories and poems, as well as two novels, songs (usually to a specific musical score), and volumes or pamphlets of drama and translation. She also edited a periodical. Her characteristic tone is one of intense emotion, but in prose and verse she has the gift of compression. Many of her works were privately printed and are now very rare. Research on her is urgently needed.
August 1865 Laurence (then Laurense) Alma-Tadema was born in Brussels to parents who married in 1863; she was probably their first child. Bibliographic Citation link.
1886 LAT published her first novel, Love's Martyr.A Dutch version appeared the same year: Liefde's Lijden, translated by Anna Marie van Deventer-Busken Huet. Bibliographic Citation link.
1933 LAT had printed at Wittersham in Kent in a limited edition of two hundred and fifty copies for private circulation only, The Divine Orbit, Seventeen Sonnets, with the same dark grey-blue cover that she had previously used. Bibliographic Citation link.
12 March 1940 LAT died in her mid-seventies, at a nursing home in London. Bibliographic Citation link.
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