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Margery Allingham, best-known as a detective writer of the earlier twentieth century, was highly professional in her reliance on her craft to make her an income. Though she called herself a slow worker, her exceptional rate of productivity almost never slackened. She drew a distinction between 'right-hand writing' (serious books written to please herself) and 'left-hand writing' in genres undertaken purely to keep her household afloat. Bibliographic Citation link. After setting out with plays, she wrote mainly novels, with serialised fiction, stories, reviews, and occasionally lectures. Repeatedly she stated that now at last she was moving away from the mere thriller towards the detective story or mystery, or away from the detective towards the straight, serious novel. Always working with speed and facility, she seems always to have regarded the attainment of 'real' authorship with a kind of awe. Bibliographic Citation link.
20 May 1904 MA was born in Ealing, West London. Bibliographic Citation link.
February 1941 MA's next Albert Campion thriller, Traitor's Purse (The Sabotage Murder Mystery in the USA) was important in her development of her particular genre. Bibliographic Citation link.
By August 1952 MA published perhaps her best-known novel, The Tiger in the Smoke, with Chatto and Windus, which had succeeded to Heinemann as her English publisher. Bibliographic Citation link.
30 June 1966 MA died on a stretcher on the way to a hospital X-ray department, of a complication of illnesses including metastasised breast cancer and pneumonia. Bibliographic Citation link.
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