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Cecil Frances Alexander wrote both hymns and verse, the latter also usually adaptable for music. Her work was mainly directed towards young audiences, as she "excelled" Bibliographic Citation link. at writing for children. Bibliographic Citation link. Over the course of her career in the second half of the nineteenth century, she wrote at least four hundred poems and hymns. Many of these, including "All Things Bright and Beautiful", are still sung in the Anglican Church and related traditions today. Bibliographic Citation link.
Early April 1818 Cecil Frances Humphreys (later CFA) was born at her parents' home, 25 Eccles Street, Dublin. Bibliographic Citation link.
1842-1843 With her friend Lady Harriet Howard, the future CFA contributed to tracts for the Oxford Movement, published during these years. Bibliographic Citation link.
1848 Among the books published this year by Cecil Frances Humphreys, later CFA, was Hymns for Little Children with a preface by John Keble; this contains the hymns with which her name is still associated. Bibliographic Citation link.
12 October 1895 CFA died in Londonderry of a stroke. Bibliographic Citation link.
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