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Sarah Flower Adams was a poet, a contributor to periodicals, and a hymn-writer. Over the course of her career she published a dramatic poem, a catechism for children, and fourteen hymns. Her uncollected works include numerous poems, short stories, and essays published in various periodicals. Bibliographic Citation link.   Emerging from the politicised Unitarian intellectual ferment of the 1830s, much of her writing dealt with working-class issues, as well as "social acculturation, and gender equity." Bibliographic Citation link.
22 February 1805 Sarah Fuller Flower (later SFA) was born at Great Harlow, in Essex. Bibliographic Citation link.
1841 SFA contributed lyrics for fourteen pieces to Hymns and Anthems, compiled by W. J. Fox; this work includes the first printing of her most famous hymn, "Nearer, My God, to Thee". Bibliographic Citation link.
1845 SFA published The Flock at the Fountain, a catechism for children. Bibliographic Citation link.
14 August 1848 SFA died of consumption in London. She was forty-three. Bibliographic Citation link.
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