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Abigail Adams holds a secure place in history as a founding mother of the USA: wife of one President, mother of another. As a writer, too, her involvement from the margins in shaping the young republic gives an extra value to her letters—which, like those of many other eighteenth-century women, combine fluent and vivid prose with opinions eminently worth listening to. Her husband's career also made her a travel writer with an unrivalled vantage point for reporting on the cultural practices of France and of England. Bibliographic Citation link.
11 November 1741 Abigail Smith (later AA) was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
31 March 1776 In a famous letter to her husband, John Adams, AA wrote: "I desire you would Remember the Ladies", and proposed legal reform to better the lot of married women. Bibliographic Citation link.
28 October 1818 AA died shortly before her seventy-fourth birthday after contracting typhus fever. Bibliographic Citation link.
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