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Elizabeth Warren, active at the mid seventeenth century, is a learned writer who fills her three Puritan theological pamphlets with strongly structured argument and with Latin notes and references in the margins. Her polemic has some political content, especially in her final publication.
19 December 1617 Since EW was christened at Woodbridge in Suffolk on this day, she was probably born not long before. Bibliographic Citation link.
16 December 1645 EW published The Old and Good Way Vindicated, a pamphlet defending established Puritan practice against the innovations of radicals. Bibliographic Citation link.
18 August 1649 EW received the state imprimatur for A Warning-Peece from Heaven, Against the Sins of the Times, a handsome pamphlet with a decorative, architectural title-page, prophesying divine vengeance for executing Charles I. Bibliographic Citation link.
It is not known when EW (or Elizabeth Mace, as she may have been by marriage) died. This could have happened at any time after her final publication of 1649.
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