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Writing in the second half of the nineteenth century, Anna Steele worked in a variety of genres, including poetry, drama, the short story, translation, and musical composition. Her six novels straddle the modes of sensationalism and romance: their young heroines invariably find the path of love to be tumultuous.
Probably December 1840 Anna Caroline Wood, later the novelist AS, was born in Essex, either in the vicarage in Cressing or in a house called Glazenwood in Bradwell, near Braintree. Bibliographic Citation link.
1860 AS issued at the nearby town of Braintree a book of poetry under the pseudonym 'C'. Entitled Thoughts Versified, the volume is now certainly known to be hers. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 13 June 1896 AS published her last novel, Lesbia: A Study in One Volume, which depicts the "stifling" effect of male idealization of women. Bibliographic Citation link.
1914 AS died in her mid-seventies, probably at her home in Brighton. Her death was apparently the consequence of an accident which occurred some time before this, in which she had broken her thigh. Bibliographic Citation link.
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