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Sarah, Lady Piers authored five known poems between 1698 and 1714. They include verses prefixed to another's work, an elegy, and two occasional celebrations: one of some admirable ladies and one a Whiggish poem celebrating the new King George I. Even her earliest surviving poems are accomplished enough to suggest strongly that her Ĺ“uvre must have been much larger. Some letters also survive. Bibliographic Citation link.
The date of SLP's birth is not known. It would have been 1667 or later, since her parents probably married in 1666. Her husband was born in 1670. Bibliographic Citation link.
September 1714 Sarah, Lady Piers, welcomed the arrival of a new monarch in George for Britain, a poem published with her name in two formats, one lavish (fine paper, wider margins) and one more ordinary. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 8 September 1719 Sarah, Lady Piers, died: she was buried on this day at Chelsea. Bibliographic Citation link.
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