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Mrs. F. C. Patrick appears to have been an Irishwoman living in England. She published three novels—each unusual in itself and markedly different from the other two—in three successive years during the 1790s.
MFCP was presumably born in Ireland, and in view of the accomplishment of her first novel she was presumably born before, perhaps long before, 1775.
1797 MFCP anonymously published the first of her three books, The Irish Heiress, A Novel, with William Lane of the Minerva Press. Bibliographic Citation link.
May 1799 MFCP's third and final work, The Jesuit; or, The History of Anthony Babington, Esq. An Historical Novel (by "the authoress of More Ghosts!, The Irish Heiress" and dedicated to Mrs Johnstone) was advertised. Bibliographic Citation link.
Her death, like almost everything else about her, is unrecorded, and may have happened at any time after 1799.
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