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Frances O'Neill was an Irish poet of the later eighteenth and very early nineteenth century of whom almost nothing is known. She seems to have written both for fun and for much-needed money, and used a wide range of mostly 'low' genres: satire, burlesque, and acrostics, as well as nature poetry, political poetry, and poems to patrons.
FON gives very little indication of her age, but she was probably born before about 1770, and almost certainly in Ireland.
Later 1802 FON published her Poetical Essays, Being a Collection of Satirical Poems, Songs and Acrostics, her only work which has been traced. Bibliographic Citation link.
It is not known when FON died: she was not at the level of society to have her death recorded. She was almost certainly alive when her book was published towards the latter end of 1802; she may have lived for a shorter or longer tally of years after 1803.
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