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Charlotte Nooth, whose life is extemely obscure, produced three published works: a poetry volume and a remarkable novel (both issued within two years during the early nineteenth century) and the translation of a French work written to combat racial prejudice, published a decade later.
Perhaps shortly before 9 February 1784 CN the writer may have been born, if she was the baby christened under this name on this day at Dorchester in Dorset. Bibliographic Citation link.
3 June 1815 CN, living at 47 Gloucester Street, Queen Square, London, dated the preface to her Original Poems, which appeared in print within a couple of months. Bibliographic Citation link.
1826 CN "freely translated" from the French of Henri Gregoire his Essay on the Nobility of the Skin; or, The Prejudice of White Persons against the Colour of Africans and their progeny, black and of mixed-blood, published at Paris. Bibliographic Citation link.
Nothing more is heard of CN after her last known publication, in 1826. She could have died at any date thereafter.
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