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Sarah Wentworth Morton, poet of the American Revolution, is remembered for the long, sentimental, narrative poems in which she considers the make-up of the new nation, inter-racial relationships (equal male friendship, unequal heterosexual love), the relationship of history to topography, and heroism both male and female. Her more personal and occasional poems, and her essays, are also of interest. Though too invested in the idea of submission to be a feminist, she has the status and role of women much at heart.
29 August 1759 SWM was baptised in Boston, Massachusetts, where she had been born the same month into a family that eventually numbered eleven children. Bibliographic Citation link.
1823 SWM's My Mind and its Thoughts, in Sketches, Fragments, and Essays appeared by subscription in Boston. It was her last publication, and the only one to bear her name. Bibliographic Citation link.
14 May 1846 SWM died at Quincy, Massachusetts. Bibliographic Citation link.
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