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Claire Luckham's career as a playwright was launched in 1976, when the feminist theatre group Monstrous Regiment selected Scum (a play on which she and her husband collaborated) to open their first season. Her plays often make use of songs and monologues. Her best-known piece, Trafford Tanzi, which began its life in Liverpool pubs two years after Scum, features a theatrical wrestling match between husband and wife over social and domestic roles. Other, historical plays take famous women as their subjects: Fanny Kemble (1990), Anne Boleyn (1998), and Catherine Cookson (2005).
1944 CL was born in Kenya. Bibliographic Citation link.
April 1976 The feminist theatre troupe Monstrous Regiment launched its first season with Scum: Death, Destruction and Dirty Washing, a play collaboratively written by CL, her husband, Chris Bond, and the company. Bibliographic Citation link.
1978 CL's hit play about a female wrestler, Tuebrook Tanzi, The Venus Flytrap (later performed and published under the title Trafford Tanzi), was first presented in Liverpool pubs by the Everyman Theatre Company. Bibliographic Citation link.
May 2013 CL "lightly updated" her play Tanzi Libre for production at the Southwark Playhouse. Bibliographic Citation link.
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