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Roxburghe Lothian's oeuvre consists of two major works: a historical fiction published shortly before her death in 1876, and an autobiographical romance that appeared posthumously. She may have also produced some unpublished poetry and an essay (or essays) on Jersey in the Channel Islands while she was young, but details about these, as about much else in her life, remain uncertain.
Probably early 1819 RL was born Elizabeth Kerr, her parents' first child. Bibliographic Citation link.
Probably early 1876 Only three weeks before RL's death there appeared her historical novel Dante and Beatrice, from 1282 to 1290. A Romance. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
23 January 1876 Three weeks after her novel Dante and Beatrice appeared, RL died of unknown causes at the present Bellaport Old Hall, near the village of Norton in Hales in Shropshire (which is in turn near Market Drayton). Bibliographic Citation link.
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