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Emily Lawless published in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries across a wide range of forms: the novel, history, fictional autobiography, short story, poetry, and critical biography. Remembered primarily for her work on Irish themes, Lawless's writing has also been gaining increasing critical attention for its feminist and environmental concerns.
17 June 1845 EL, future novelist and poet, was born at Lyons Castle in county Kildare, Ireland. Bibliographic Citation link.
January 1867 Twenty-one-year-old EL published "An Addition to Mr. Birchall's List of 'The Lepidoptera of Ireland'" in the Entomologist's Monthly Magazine.  Bibliographic Citation link.
By 13 March 1892 EL published Grania: The Story of an Island, which is considered by critics to be her masterpiece.  Bibliographic Citation link.
19 October 1913 EL died at Gomshall in Surrey: her obituaries do not name the cause of her death. Bibliographic Citation link.
June 1914 EL's final work, a book of poetry which she was revising when she died, was The Inalienable Heritage, privately printed after her death with a preface provided by Edith Sichel.  Bibliographic Citation link.
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