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Mary Ann Kelty's first publications were novels issued in the 1820s (intelligent, pious but not totally unworldly), which had considerable success in Britain, the USA, and Continental Europe. Later the religious element became dominant in her writing, producing devout meditations, moral essays, and tracts, as well as biography or history, and later in life an unusual and appealing blend of the devotional or philosophical genre with autobiography or diary. This mixed genre is one which came back into favour in a somewhat different form in the late twentieth century.
1789 MAK was born at Cambridge, after a pregnancy during which her mother's relations with her father were very difficult. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 23 January 1869 MAK's final work was The Solace of a Solitaire: A Record of Facts and Feelings. Bibliographic Citation link.
8 January 1873 MAK died in her eighties, at her home at 5 Hanover Street in Peckham. Bibliographic Citation link.
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