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A now largely-forgotten novelist and playwright, Harriett Jay was prolific and popular in the late nineteenth to early twentieth century. She wrote eight novels, the majority devoted to the contemporary state of Ireland from an Anglo viewpoint and in a style reminiscent of the sensation novel or romance. Her novels are out of print, but most are available online. Harriett Jay also co-wrote ten plays—in both comedic and melodramatic style—with her adopted father, Robert Williams Buchanan. After Buchanan's death she wrote as her final work his biography.
1857 HJ was born in or near London. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
By 25 September 1875 HJ anonymously published her first book, a novel set in Ireland in the area where she herself was living, titled The Queen of Connaught. It remains arguably her best-known novel. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 7 February 1903 HJ published her only non-fiction book and the last writing she worked on, a life of her late adoptive father: Robert Buchanan: Some Account of His Life, His Life's Work, and His Literary Friendships. Bibliographic Citation link.
17 September 1906 Under the sole writing credit of HJ (as 'Charles Marlowe'), her best-known play, "When Knights Were Bold", opened at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham. Bibliographic Citation link.
21 December 1932 HJ died at the age of seventy-nine at her house, The Cottage, 20 Seymour Gardens, at Ilford in Essex, after a long illness. Bibliographic Citation link.
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