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Late twentieth-century poet and broadcaster Frances Horovitz published during her short lifetime four volumes of poetry, as well as individual poems, a series for Gallery 5, and collaborations with her second poet-husband, Roger Garfitt. Many journals published her poetry, and her oeuvre was extended posthumously. Her poems are heavily symbolic: she uses little punctuation, and her few words are freighted with carefully chosen meaning. Known as a landscape writer, she takes nature to represent the ancient, primordial connection that exists between humanity and the created world, past, present, and future. Her favourite images are those with primal associations: stone, water, bird, leaves, stars, and moon. She often juxtaposes light with dark and change with continuity. Some of her poems deal with deeply personal subjects, particularly love, absence, motherhood, intimacy, loss, reunion, solitude, and death.
13 February 1938 Frances Margaret Hooker (later Horovitz) was born at Princess Beatrice Hospital in Kensington. Bibliographic Citation link.
2 October 1983 At only forty-five years old, FH died of cancer. Bibliographic Citation link.
October 1985 FH's second husband, poet and critic Roger Garfitt, edited and published her Collected Poems two years after her death, through Enitharmon in connection with Bloodaxe Books. Bibliographic Citation link.
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