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Laurence Hope, a writer of 'exotic', Orientalist love lyrics, published three volumes of immensely successful poetry in the early twentieth century. They remained popular for a number of years after her death. Favourites among her lyrics, like "Kashmiri Song" and "Less than the Dust Beneath Thy Chariot Wheels", had their lives prolonged in musical settings which were sung both in drawing-rooms and in the repertoire of famous singers. Bibliographic Citation link. Response to her as a poet, however, has often been overshadowed by romanticized readings of her biography.
9 April 1865 Adela Florence Cory, the future LH, was born at Stoke House, Stoke Bishop, Gloucestershire (now a part of Bristol), while her family was on leave from her father's post in India. Bibliographic Citation link.
1901 LH published her first volume of poetry, The Garden of Káma, and Other Love Lyrics from India (issued a year later in the US as India's Love Lyrics), in London with Heinemann. Bibliographic Citation link.
4 October 1904 The poet Laurence Hope committed suicide by ingesting perchloride of mercury at Dunmore House in Teynampet (a part of Madras, India). Bibliographic Citation link.
By late August 1905 LH's last collection of poems, Indian Love, was published posthumously with Heinemann. As before, the claim that the poems are translations is fictional. Bibliographic Citation link.
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