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Elizabeth Hervey, 1748 - 1820 was the author of six novels published between 1788 and 1814, besides one more, extant in a carefully-bound manuscript, which never reached print. They have something in them of sentiment and something of satire; one has links with the Irish nationalist movement. Her reputation has been overshadowed by her half-brother William Beckford's two spoofs on the popular novel, which are far less directly connected with her writing than has been supposed.
About 1748 Elizabeth Marsh (the future Elizabeth Hervey) was born, the only child of her parents. (She later had a half-brother, who became a celebrity.) Bibliographic Citation link.
22 April 1788 Elizabeth Hervey's anonymous first book, Melissa and Marcia; or, the Sisters: A Novel, issued by William Lane with a quotation from Akenside on its title-page, was advertised as published. Bibliographic Citation link.
January 1814 Elizabeth Hervey published her final novel, Amabel; or, Memoirs of A Woman of Fashion, to which for the first time she set her name (on the dedication, not the title-page). Bibliographic Citation link.
1820 Elizabeth Hervey died, six years after her last novel, which was the first she ever published under her own name. Bibliographic Citation link.
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