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Rosita Forbes was a popular travel writer of the earlier twentieth century. Her travel books are often flavoured with adventure, and she also published books of biography, essays, stories, political and social commentary, and memoirs, all closely related to her travel experience. She specialised at first in North Africa and the Middle East, on which she became something of an expert. Before her later books, which are about the Caribbean, she wrote of other places including India and South America. Her several novels give a good deal of emphasis to their exotic settings.
16 January 1890 Joan Rosita Torr (later RF) was born at Riseholme Hall near Lincoln, the eldest of her parents' four children.  Bibliographic Citation link.
After March 1921 RF published her second book of travel and adventure, The Secret of the Sahara: Kufara. Bibliographic Citation link.
1949 In this year there appeared (besides a volume compressing RF's two memoirs) her final travel book: Islands in the Sun, which is again about the Caribbean, and laces its description with some political comment. Bibliographic Citation link.
30 June 1967 Rosita McGrath (formerly RF) died at her home in Warwick, Bermuda. Bibliographic Citation link.
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