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The devotional diaries kept by MBS during the later eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries constitute her claim to fame. She also published pamphlets, often in the form of letters, and her actual letters of advice, socio-religious activism and personal friendship have the same immediacy and sometimes intensity as her diary. Texts of her sermons do not survive, but she often delivered addresses based on a biblical text, in all but name the preaching from which Methodist women were officially discouraged.
12 September 1739 Mary Bosanquet (later Fletcher) was born at Leytonstone Manor, Leytonstone, near London, the second of four children in her family.  Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
10 March 1763 Mary Bosanquet dated a letter which was printed three years later as a pamphlet at both London and Bristol: Jesus, Altogether Lovely; or, A Letter to Some of the Single Women in the Methodist Society, 1766. Bibliographic Citation link.
18 August 1785 The day after the funeral of her husband John Fletcher, while her "soul was as in the lion's den," Bibliographic Citation link. MBF wrote a detailed and heart-rending account to John Wesley of the death. Bibliographic Citation link.
26 October 1815 MBF made what appears to be her last diary entry, recording her sense of the presence of Christ as well as of the nearness of death. She lived about six more weeks. Bibliographic Citation link.
8 December 1815 MBF died after thirty years of widowhood, of respiratory disease. Bibliographic Citation link.
After mid-April 1817 Henry Moore published at Birmingham his life of MBF, which incorporates much of her own life-writing. He dated his preface 14 April. Bibliographic Citation link.
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