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Mary Fisher, one of the 'Valiant Sixty' (that is, the earliest Quakers or members of the Society of Friends to undertake preaching journeys abroad), remained unpublished except for some strongly politicized letters and a one-sixth share in a hard-hitting pamphlet attack on the Established Church. She is best remembered for a text which was probably never written down: her personal address to Mehmet IV, Sultan or Grand Signior.
Perhaps as early as 1623 MF was born "within two miles of York." She was said in 1653 to be about thirty, but she bore at least three children after 1662. Bibliographic Citation link.
Spring or summer 1658 MF delivered orally her most famous text, never written down: her preaching of the word of the Lord before the Sultan Mehmet IV, ruler of the Islamic Ottoman Empire, at his military encampment near Adrianople. Bibliographic Citation link.
Before 19 November 1698 MF died at Charles Towne (now Charleston), South Carolina: her will, which she had made in August, was proved on this day. Bibliographic Citation link.
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