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Eliza Fenwick, now known (after long obscurity) for her single, remarkable surviving epistolary novel of the radical school of the 1790s, also wrote characterful children's books and extremely vivid letters which extend several decades into the nineteenth century. Her second adult novel never materialised.
1 February 1766 Elizabeth Jaco (later EF) was born, probably in Lancaster, the only one to survive out of a family of sixteen children. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
Probably April 1795 EF published her epistolary novel Secresy; or, The Ruin on the Rock, through a conger or group of publishers headed by William Lane. Bibliographic Citation link.
25 August 1835 From Canandaigua in New York State the nearly seventy-year-old EF wrote regretfully, "my manuscript has not proceeded ten pages." The remark shows how late in her life she remained a professional writer. Bibliographic Citation link.
8 December 1840 EF died at Providence, Rhode Island, in her grand-daughter's house. Bibliographic Citation link.
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