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Ruth Fainlight is a poet active since the mid twentieth century who says she is always "either writing a poem or waiting with a variety of emotions for the next poem to announce itself. Other forms of writing—stories, translation, libretti—can divert me for a while, but if too much time passes without work on a poem, I feel uneasy." Bibliographic Citation link. She is a remarkably international writer, having published in France and Mexico, as well as having her work translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. Bibliographic Citation link.
2 May 1931 RF was born in New York, the elder of two children. Bibliographic Citation link.
1983 RF published two poetry volumes this year in England: Climates with Bloodaxe and Fifteen to Infinity with Hutchinson, as well as, in Portugal, Navigations (translated from Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen). Bibliographic Citation link.
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