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Elizabeth Delaval is remembered for her manuscript book about her own early life, drafted in 1663-72, during her teens and early twenties (sometimes called either a diary or a commonplace-book). Its obvious motive was religious self-examination, and meditations and prayers alternate with narrative and commentary on her courtships and her family relationships. The whole is flavoured with fictional romance.
Probably late 1648 Elizabeth Livingston (later Delaval), the only child of her parents, was born probably in England before they fled for political reasons to the Hague. Bibliographic Citation link.
Later 1663 Lady Elizabeth Livingston (later Delaval), in her mid teens and in the second year of a Court post, began to record her personal life in passages both of narrative and of pious meditation or analysis: she kept up this practice until 1672. Bibliographic Citation link.
1717 ED died in this year, in Jacobite exile at Rouen in France. Bibliographic Citation link.
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