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Jennifer Dawson achieved an early reputation as a novelist of madness, in tune with 1960s ideas about the brilliant and eccentric visions of insanity being damped and persecuted by conformist social institutions. A friend observed that she writes "with chilling insight about bleak places inhabited by bleak people"; Bibliographic Citation link. a critic called her "the supreme chronicler of insanity." Bibliographic Citation link. Besides her seven novels she published a volume of short stories and collaborated on a children's book.
21 January 1929 JD was born in South London, where she also grew up. She was one of five children. Bibliographic Citation link.
By February 1961 JD published her first and best-known novel, The Ha-Ha, titled from the kind of fence which is sunken in order to make the barrier invisible. Bibliographic Citation link.
14 October 2000 JD died of cancer at a hospice in Banbury; she showed no fear of death, which she said she preferred to painful, artificially prolonged life. Bibliographic Citation link.
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