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Sarah Daniels is a contemporary playwright whose works take on such challenging feminist issues as violence, pornography, and sexual abuse, as they are experienced by lesbians, single mothers, people with disabilities or psychiatric problems, prisoners, prostitutes, social workers, and those who are poor and unemployed. She has been sometimes accused of melodrama. Her introduction to her first collected volume explains: "I didn't set out to further the cause of Feminism. However, I am proud if some of my plays have added to its influence." Bibliographic Citation link. She has worked for the stage, radio, and television, primarily, as far as possible, with women directors and actors. Bibliographic Citation link. In the Bloomsbury Theatre Guide in 1988 Carole Woddis called her "the only radical lesbian feminist to have made it into the mainstream." Bibliographic Citation link.
21 November 1956 SD was born in London. Bibliographic Citation link.
31 May 1983 Masterpieces, SD's play about pornography and the violence it breeds, opened at the Manchester Royal Exchange. Bibliographic Citation link.
26 June 1986 The National Theatre produced SD's feminist play Neaptide on its Cottesloe stage. Printed the same year, the play is about lesbians living with prejudice and concealment. Bibliographic Citation link.
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