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Catherine Cuthbertson is a fairly conventional novelist of the early nineteenth century. Her seven novels have historically realised settings (often in continental Europe), and happy endings for virtuous upper-class characters. The lower classes (often Irish) provide comic relief, until they engage in rebellion, when they arouse horror. She may probably be the author of a play performed in 1793 as well.
The date of CC's birth (as one of probably at least four siblings) is not known. Guesses are complicated by uncertainty whether her first work appeared in 1793 or 1802. In any event she was probably born before (perhaps long before) 1780. A number of babies were christened with this name in England and Scotland during about the right period, but none is conclusively the novelist. Bibliographic Citation link. As an army officer's daughter, she might have been born abroad.
1830 CC, as 'the author of Santo Sebastiano', published her last and shortest historical novel: Sir Ethelbert; or, The Dissolution of Monasteries. A Romance, in three volumes. Bibliographic Citation link.
CC presumably died after her last publication in 1830, but it is not known when or where.
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