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Anne Conway's reputation has been quietly growing into that of a serious late-seventeenth-century philosopher, rather than merely a patron of male philosophers. Her correspondence with Henry More is full of philosophical as well as personal interest.
14 December 1631 The future philosopher AC was born as Anne Finch at Kensington House in London, the youngest in her family, just a week after her father suddenly died. Bibliographic Citation link.
Probably 1677 or 1678 AC wrote the philosophical notebook which was later translated and published. Bibliographic Citation link.
23 February 1679 AC died at Ragley Hall after long illness. She knew she was dying, but refused to have her husband, who was in Ireland, summoned home. She suffered great agony in dying, but her mind was unaffected. Bibliographic Citation link.
1690 The Latin translation of AC's philosophical notebooks was posthumously printed at Amsterdam as "Principia philosophiae antiquissimae & recentissimae", in a volume entitled Opuscula philosophica. Bibliographic Citation link.
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