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Mary Cholmondeley wrote mainly popular fiction in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that was often both melodramatic and satiric. Her corpus includes novels, short stories, family memoirs, and some articles. It was largely ignored by critics for many years, but the emergence of feminist criticism led to reconsideration of her writing and its place in the 'New Woman' movement.
8 June 1859 MC was born in the rectory at Hodnet in Shropshire; she was the first daughter and third child in a family of eight. Bibliographic Citation link.
October 1899 MC's best-known and most controversial novel, Red Pottage, was published by Edward Arnold. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
1921 MC's final work to appear in print, a collection of short stories entitled The Romance of His Life, and Other Romances, was published by John Murray. She dedicated the work to her friend Percy Lubbock. Bibliographic Citation link.
15 July 1925 Novelist MC died at sixty-six at Kensington in West London. Bibliographic Citation link.
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