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Sarah Butler (if she existed) was an obscure Irish writer who died in the early eighteenth century, before the publication of her collections of national history under the guise of fiction or romance. Someone of this name also wrote two petitions.
Deducing from the published work attributed to her and in the absence of other solid evidence, SB (if she existed, which is denied by several eminent scholars and doubted even by her editors) Bibliographic Citation link. was presumably born in Ireland before, and perhaps many years before, the Irish disasters which began with the Williamite wars of 1689-91.
June 1716 Four months after the Jacobite rebellion fizzled out, Edmund Curll published the remarkable Irish Tales; or, Instructive Histories for the Happy Conduct of Life, attributed to a now-dead woman named SB. Bibliographic Citation link.
SB the novelist or historian was unequivocally said by Charles Gildon to have died some time before her book appeared in print in June 1716. Bibliographic Citation link.
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