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Frances Boothby has the distinction of being the sole woman to have a play produced before Aphra Behn, during the first decade of the restored London theatres. Her single extant poem concerns her play.
FB's date and place of birth, like her identity, are unknown. On the basis of her play alone, it seems that she must have been born before about 1650, while one of.her possible identities would have her born in the mid 1630s.
Between spring and autumn 1669 FB's Marcelia; or, The Treacherous Friend, a tragicomedy, was performed by the King's Company at Bridges Street, Drury Lane, before Aphra Behn began her theatrical career. Bibliographic Citation link.
It is not known where or when FB died, but, again if the candidate tentatively adopted by scholars is the right one, it was some time after 1690. Bibliographic Citation link.
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