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Writing and Life
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Frances Eleanor Trollope wrote upwards of fourteen Victorian novels as well as contributing to many periodicals. Much of her fiction is peopled by eccentric cosmopolitan Londoners, Italian and French visitors, and motherless, bright, and educated young women trying to carve out niches for themselves within the boundaries of the middle and upper-middle classes, with varying degrees of success. Her periodical submissions are predominantly travel writings which showcase her sustained interest in the art, culture, and history of Italy. She also translated plays and travel books from Italian and German, with her husband, Thomas Adolphus Trollope, serving as editor.
August 1835 FET was born aboard a paddle steamer in Delaware Bay, USA; she was the eldest of a family of four, of whom three girls survived. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 25 August 1866 As 'A New Writer', Frances Eleanor Ternan (who became FET in October that year) published Aunt Margaret's Trouble, her first novel, and the only one not to bear her name. Bibliographic Citation link.
1895 FET published her last work, a biography of her mother-in-law, Frances Trollope: Her Life and Literary Work from George III to Victoria. Bibliographic Citation link.
14 August 1913 FET died, aged nearly eighty, at Southsea near Portsmouth, where she had been living with her sister Ellen. Bibliographic Citation link.
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