Brown, Susan, Patricia Clements, and Isobel Grundy, eds. Henrietta Sykes entry: Overview screen within Orlando: Women's Writing in the British Isles from the Beginnings to the Present. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Online, 2006. <http://orlando.cambridge.org/>. 20 January 2022.
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Writing and Life
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Henrietta Sykes published two novels and a collection of shorter fictions with the Minerva Press during the early nineteenth century. She did not put her name on title-pages. A volume of poems and songs has been wrongly ascribed to her.
Before 13 October 1766 Henrietta Masterman (later HS) was born, probably in York, where she was christened; she was an only or an only-surviving child. Bibliographic Citation link.
October 1808 HS anonymously published her first novel, the historical Margiana; or, Widdrington Tower. A Tale of the Fifteenth Century. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
23 July 1813 HS died, after making her will while she was gravely ill. Bibliographic Citation link.
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