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Grace, Lady Mildmay, an amateur medical practitioner with unusual depth of skill and range of clients, left a mass of medical notes and recipes dating from the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. She also wrote an account of her life to serve as an introduction to a collection of religious meditations.
About 1552 Grace Sharington (later Lady Mildmay), was born, the second among four children and the older of the only two to survive early adulthood. Bibliographic Citation link.
After 20 July 1598 GLM participated in medical argument with a Mr Harris. She noted down a recipe for oil of cinnamon made with water (she had never, she said, used sack) on the back of a letter in which Harris advised her to experiment with making half a batch with water and half with sack. Bibliographic Citation link.
Autumn 1617 or later GLM, a recently-widowed grandmother near the end of her life, fifty years on from being a child taught by her mother, composed what is sometimes called her autobiography and sometimes her journal. Bibliographic Citation link.
27 July 1620 GLM died less than three years after her husband. Bibliographic Citation link.
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