Brown, Susan, Patricia Clements, and Isobel Grundy, eds. Sarah Davy, 1639 - 1670 entry: Overview screen within Orlando: Women's Writing in the British Isles from the Beginnings to the Present. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Online, 2006. <http://orlando.cambridge.org/>. 04 December 2021.
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Sarah Davy, 1639 - 1670, as a later-seventeenth-century Independent or Baptist in religion, wrote an autobiographical account of her conversion and religious meditations, which was published after her premature death.
About 1639 SD was born, according to her title-page, which says she died in "about the 32 Year of her Age," i.e. while she was still thirty-one. Bibliographic Citation link.
1670 Following the early death of SD this year, her religious meditation or conversion narrative (Baptist or Independent) was posthumously published as Heaven Realiz'd. Bibliographic Citation link.
1670 SD died at only just past thirty. Bibliographic Citation link.
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