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New: January 2019

New Author Entries

  • Anne, Lady Southwell, 1574-1636, who with the support of her second husband collected her devotional and philosophical poems, with a few letters, aphorisms, and business records, into an unusual commonplace-book.
  • Anne Wentworth, 1629/30-1693, Baptist who challenged the authority of her husband and the elders of her congregation, publishing a series of polemical prophecies and tracts.
  • Anna Gordon, 1747-1810, also known as Mrs Brown, collector and performer of ballads, conduit for the Scottish women's tradition of song.
  • Jane Loudon, 1807-58, known in her own day as author of works on gardening and botany (leisure activity, scientific investigation, aesthetic creation), and of a science-fiction novel, The Mummy, 1827, which forecasts a range of technological inventions and improvements.
  • Anthony Trollope, 1815-82, popular and prolific male novelist, son and brother-in-law of women writers. Women are prominent among his gallery of fictional characters, and women's issues prominent in his socio/cultural vistas of English life.
  • Charlotte Barnard, 1830-69, composer of songs (both words and music) which were highly popular with amateur performers.
  • Clara Codd, 1876-1971, Theosophist writer publishing in India and the United States as well as in England.
  • Ursula K. Le Guin, 1919-2017, American writer of fiction (mostly science fiction, in which she was an influential figure) as well as poems, essays, and literary criticism.
  • Anne Enright, born 1962, Irish novelist, who has also written drama, short fiction, and journalism.
  • Helen Oyeyemi, born 1984, Nigerian-born British novelist who won fame at an early age. She has also written drama and short fiction.