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New: July 2019

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Frances Neville, Baroness Abergavenny: entry now records, courtesy of research by Louise Horton, the many reprintings of much of her writing from the 16th to the 18 century.
Enid Blyton: a theatrical version of Malory Towers played at Bristol Old Vic this summer.
Charlotte Brontë: her lost manuscripts (a long poem and a short story) discovered in a book that once belonged to her mother, published by the Brontë Society on 1 November 2018.
Sarah Chapone: new information from Susan Glover's edition of her ground-breaking feminist treatise, 1735 (also some details on Mary Delany).
Kate Clanchy: cited in Anne Youngson's Meet Me at the Museum.
Ann Batten Cristall: added biographical detail from research by Charlotte MacKenzie.
Susannah Dobson new information from research by Andrew Ashfield.
Daphne Du Maurier: early poems discovered in back of photo frame.
Radclyffe Hall: her manuscripts at the Harry Ransom Center now digitized and available.
Jane Loudon: additions and corrections courtesy of the research of Andrew Ashfield.
Hope Mirrlees: the premiere, June 2019, of a music-and-dance version of her now upsettingly topical poem Paris, about the city ravaged by war.
Beatrix Potter: that disastrous film of Peter Rabbit.
Anne Sexton: discovery of some early poems, unknown although in full sight.
Githa Sowerby: not one but two new revivals of Rutherford and Son, which seems now assured in its classic status.
Rose Tremain: controversial opinions about contemporary poetry.
Anna Jane Vardill: added mention of the Vardill Society and ongoing work on her manuscripts.
Priscilla Wakefield another author who now has the tribute of a fine website.