Orlando: Women's Writing

Getting Started

Tips for New Users

Orlando is a new kind of electronic resource: a history of women's writing in Britain uniquely structured to be searchable and displayable in new ways. It offers material in various forms:
  • Entries on authors' lives and writing careers in discursive prose with headings, timelines, links, and bibliographies
  • Chronologies created from portions of author documents and free-standing contextual materials
  • Results from tag searching showing excerpts of documents and contextual materials, matching criteria defined by the tag(s) searched on
  • Hyperlinks screens, produced by clicking on names, places, organizations, and titles, providing links to all occurrences in the textbase, grouped by context
  • Bibliographic screens providing lists of sources
To begin, explore:
  • People: access entries via simple list or by a range of criteria
  • Chronologies: create your own timelines
  • Tag Search: freetext and focused searches of all Project materials. Focused searches, the most powerful, exploit the underlying structure (tagging) of Orlando materials
  • Links: random selection of hyperlinked names, titles, places, dates, and organization names (random links) and today's events drawn from within and beyond the lives and careers of women writers (today in Orlando) offer a quick, serendipitous way into Orlando material
Help buttons are at the top right of every screen. For a critical introduction read the Scholarly Introduction; for a fuller overview, read How Orlando Works.
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